De Liberate Lee

slow and thought out?

i’ll be put out:

the pout,

berating the deliberate,

seeking to embrace

rash impulse,

reaches across

and tugs.

i give in, de-

liberately pro-


the moment.

O! Dear!

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Flowers in Violet by Kim Nelson

Flowers in Violet by Kim Nelson

violet ground

and cyan dust,

the fading silhouettes

of flowers past,

we flutter to the dust

in a heap of pale yellow

weathered petals

and memories of a violet spring.


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An April Milan Morning

a wet Milan

clung to my over-sized coat

in dewy splotches

that shivered and fell,

brooked into clean green

water- still, then slow and quiet flow,

the shrubs on the bank shrugged,A Wet Milan

nonchalant in the presence of beauty.


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Rebel says his lapel

but he says no to labels

and bubbles:

blood is but water-

colored and we are all air

and space, some with pace too

says he and runs, shouting-

but we’re of the same bloody blood;

now, file for libel!

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Clean-cut Man

This Sunday,  I learnt of wing collars, paisley ties and gingham checks. There was more on the length and width of the ties, the fall of the trousers and fashion-tips on cuffs. Cuffs, collars, ties and checks- who ever said man is free?! When are we moving to silver shackles?

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The First Raindrops

The earth flush,
Freshly wet,
No more a hothead
As the water flows
But a rain-portrait,
Suffused with a fleeting sense
Of self as can be.
I’m waiting too
For such a moment.

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Document of Discussion : Cubical Talk

was that you?

in the pic?

the stance, the tee,

the shoes-

i just thought

he said in a rush.

no, no, not me!

not that tee! not me!

thank god he said

no hair or heave

other distaste,

sludge in public!

i shushed-

a stance? how can that be

when all i do

is trapeze-tease

on the middlest of lines;

i fled

into the open elevator

and whooshed out,


of ink and office mags

and how they smudge.


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yellow, the color of summer

hotly side-stepping

age and rules yellow

and then the red i see

in streaks hers

and orange reflectors

on toes-

an ageing medley,

the ditty-


i want her to stop,

pause the dance,

cool it with a  splash

of blue


mulch am i?

raining on her

in summer too?!

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A nightly sea

She had shades of darkness to wrap around. Her iris glinted blue now and then green again. The pupil was rock-black at night and slate-grey in the day. Me- I was just dust on her cheek, dust she might decide to sweep away with a flood of her salty tears.

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A Home-spun Frock

Will you drop me
A line,
Say you’re fine
As a thread
Come loose on my home-
spun frock.
The frock fits no more
But write me more
Of you,
Find fine
Lo(o)se thread?

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