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Maya- my magic

Maya– my magic We walked along the dusty road Mother and daughter at the toddler’s pace A fluffy ganache dripping un-had, Maya– my beloved point in space. The air was smoggy I wanted to lift her up, all snuggly; Protect … Continue reading

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Her dreamy eyes glazed over. Those slender hands went limp and her head lolled back: beauty stilled and open to predators.  Scores of eyes feasted hungrily on her, now that she could not spurn them with that contemptuous flicker in … Continue reading

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Love Affair

He rode her easily and effortlessly. She was a willing pupil, eager to be guided. They plunged ahead- an ecstatic journey, a fleeting joy. It was the consummation of an impassioned love affair; bound to be termed scandalous and yet secretly envied. … Continue reading

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About rash-me

well, i like reading and occasionally attempt to write. have written sporadically over the past 7-8 years. hope to achieve at least better consistency from now on 🙂 (this was written in Feb, 2011 and it’s upto you to judge how … Continue reading

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