Maya- my magic

Maya– my magic
We walked along the dusty road
Mother and daughter at the toddler’s pace
A fluffy ganache dripping un-had,
Maya– my beloved point in space.
The air was smoggy
I wanted to lift her up, all snuggly;
Protect her from a world that cannot protect her-
A toy set adrift in uncertain seas.
The tabby atop the stair
Purring to her little paw
The teddy-content on his cane chair
Rocking alongside his little ‘maw
These are, alas, dreams.
Maya: she shall, but remain,maya.
p.s: this one was written around a month back and is inspired by v.g.n, a very close friend. thank u, v 🙂

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2 Responses to Maya- my magic

  1. Abeesha says:

    Good one, echmi! Now when can I see your posts inspired by ‘a’ and ‘n’?? 😉

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