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Profiles of Courage

An elusive concept Or an encompassing one? An expression of self; A time when you’re alive, one with your belief. A policeman braving bullets In his quest for truth. A commoner, unbending in his abiding integrity. A child wearing clothes tattered to … Continue reading

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55 fiction: Intimacy

I knew him better than his wife. I knew that he liked to pee standing up and did this despite repeated admonitions from his wife. I knew that he sweated more on his left brow than on his right and that he … Continue reading

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55 fiction: The Oracle

They were all waiting for him- the chieftains in front, the lower ranks assembled at a deferential distance from the elders. They were ready to be dazzled by his predictions; the oracle was indeed famed for his ability to see … Continue reading

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It was a sweaty afternoon. She hurriedly filled the plastic bag with yesterday’s leftovers and then, impulsively threw in a few chocs that had lingered awhile in the fridge. The street was dotted with tiny apartments stacked in tall unidimensional columns. … Continue reading

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What’s in a name?

I have always loved Sanskrit the best among those Indian languages that i do know (which i must admit are remarkably few in no:- 4 to be exact), I love the way one can dissect a word and proceed to its root and … Continue reading

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