What’s in a name?

I have always loved Sanskrit the best among those Indian languages that i do know (which i must admit are remarkably few in no:- 4 to be exact), I love the way one can dissect a word and proceed to its root and occasionally discover amusing meanings. Here are a few Indian names that I have dissected (perhaps wrongly) and the cheeky, twisted connotations  thus concocted (I’ve also used a couple of unique-to-Kerala names):

Aabha- ‘aah’ followed by ‘bah’? well, well, this just might actually be 😛

Aparna: ‘Parnam’ in Sanskrit means leaf; therefore, Aparna should mean leafless/nude!

Arun/Bhanu/Rohit: Red, does this mean the parents expect these boys to always leave them red-faced?

Bhanupriya- likes the sun; some like it hot, huh?

Dhara/Urvi- earth; this baby’s going to cost her parents the earth?

Harini: the doe or ‘here she comes, run like the wind ye all’?

Hima: snow; the parents were snowed by her arrival? 😉

Jayita: defeated? (I’ve truly been unable to come up with any other meaning for this one)

Joemol (there actually is a malayali actress who bears this name): mol in malayalam means ‘girl’ or daughter; joe’s girl?

Kanaka- gold; are they already thinking of her wedding and entailing expenses?

Meenakshi- fish-eyed? something fishy abt her?

Mili- er, proof that the parents did indeed meet? (kindly excuse the lewdness)

Mridula- a softie?

Nitya: eternal; are the progenitors thinking- ‘now, we’re in it forever?’

Omana- Darling, quite, but do they want everyone to call her that?

Parvati: of the mountain; is hugeness a good attribute for a girl?

Rashmi- perpetually hot-tempered? since i’ve a vested interest in this one, i’ve also come up with ‘too hot to handle’ 😀

Satish: the god of sati; no matter whom he weds, he shall always be Sati’s husband!

Sugathan: ‘the one who has gone down the good path’ or ‘good to see him ‘gathan’/gone? 😀

Tushar- frigid?

Vanaja: of the forest, i.e.  savage?

P.S: An apology to my reader who might feel bruised by this abrasive article; please attribute this to my hyper-critical nature and please believe me when i say that i know that all or at least most parents must have had very different thoughts in mind when they chose a name for their child.


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3 Responses to What’s in a name?

  1. Ajith A B says:

    Well, Interesting!!!

    Let me get straight into my job now ::)

    When did Rashmi become “too hot to handle” -The meaning is much more closer to ray (probably of hope) or something that emits light
    Aabha is someone who shines

  2. dewdrop says:

    Rashmi – too hot to handle?? I love that one 🙂

    Parents were snowed by her arrival?? I think so 🙂

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