Profiles of Courage

An elusive concept

Or an encompassing one?

An expression of self;

A time when you’re alive, one

with your belief.

A policeman braving bullets

In his quest for truth.

A commoner, unbending

in his abiding integrity.

A child wearing clothes

tattered to school and never

missing a class for wear.

Returning loose change to her mistress

from a wet coat-pocket:

A maid at her honest best.

Never a babbler, even if

it be his future at stake:

A student wearing his truest colours.

Fighting for a cause,

Standing up against another,

Sticking through thick and thin,

Honest to yourself,

Profiles of courage- All.


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6 Responses to Profiles of Courage

  1. Aruna says:

    loved the use of everyday things as examples 🙂

    • rashmenon says:

      well, i do feel that sticking to what you believe in is courage and that each of us who does it has something more than reflected worth to prop us up.
      glad you liked it, aruna 🙂

  2. Balchan says:

    There are many such sterling examples of courage we find among the unsung heroes. Three cheers for highlighting some of them.

  3. I never thought of it that way, well put!

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