She sat: an uncrowned queen on her throne. Power glittered on the tip of her Roman nose. “Charging through the nose!”- the exclamation came through flared nostrils, the air thick with her air of superiority. The idiotic superciliousness that she felt over the misplaced idiom was comical. I laughed and ‘paid through my nose’; sigh.

p.s: I had to write this one; for once, I wish the ‘heroine’ (I intend it to be used exactly the same way it used to be used at REC, Surat) doesn’t recognize herself.

p.p.s: Hope my colleagues (esp. N, M and J) recognize the characters and enjoy this piece of stylized reality.

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    sorry to have taken so long to reply; sure, i’ll be delighted to be reposted/quoted. please go ahead

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