If I dress up and swing about

That’s a fault and i’m tagged an empty-headed trinket.

If I dress down and stay sober

That’s a fault and i’m branded a feminist.

If I wear a bindi and mark my marital status

That’s a fault and i’m rechristened a neanderthal.

If I do not wear a bindi and stay casual

That too is a fault and i’m termed casual.

If I am chirpy and the life of a party

i’m at fault again, the forward modernista!

If I’m thoughtful and speak with measured tones

There i go again, being a wall-flower!

If I stay home on a saturday night,

i’m told to ‘get a life’!!

If I dance out a saturday night,

i’m told to slow down and act my age!!

If I dare voice my opinion about the way things are

i’m over-thinking it and being a woman!!!

If I say I do not care about the ways of the world

i’m under-thinking it and again, being a woman !!!

Please let me be because I want to BE.

p.s: Hope i’m not immediately tagged a wall-flower/ a modernista/ a trinket/ a woman/woman/ a feminist etc etc.

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Hello there! Please look up- https://rashscribbles.wordpress.com/2011/02/27/hello-world/
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6 Responses to Fault-lines

  1. Balchan says:

    Still, Thank God for the gentler gender !!

  2. Simeen says:

    Why can’t you be the same and feel the same always? Gah! Women are so moody! 😉

  3. mytri says:

    luvd it 🙂

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