RED (Hide and caught)

How does it feel to be found out

and left blushing like a sun-lit rose?

Am I permitted to be school-girlish

and giggle it away?

Or should I pretend coyness

and deflect it with downcast eyes?

How about the fake annoyance-face

Act breached and wronged?

If only I would stop tingling!

Let me linger just a wee bit more

And thank you for that awning unintended

I really enjoyed the shade and the time we had

Thank you for making me at home

and thus cushioned against many a slight.

Thank you for the trip

Though I did nearly trip!

Now, let me nod, sheepishly, if you will

But nod just the same and move on 🙂

p.s: This is for you, you-know-who-you-are and is, but the inevitable sequel to (C)rush, (C)rush, isn’t it?

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