Is that how it happens

like a double-toned fabric catching the sun?

Colouring your days with hues bright

and blue;

A shot of adrenalin

that overturns  your biological clock

and has the world look rosy to you

at two in the morning!

You know it if you start saving pics

and gaze at them too often to keep count;

Or find yourself comparing

all and sundry with that new benchmark;

Yes, it’s there, if you catch yourself

being  pleasant to the unlikeliest;

Or detect

that extra swing in your step;

It’s got you if that random song

sends you into a reverie-leap.

Have you fought yourself,

saying it isn’t so, not soo ‘so’?

Have you tried denying

the duality that is

in the fear of destroying what could be?

But isn’t it like

seeing a new facet that even you like?

And isn’t it nice that he does not know?

Or does he?


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3 Responses to Double-toning

  1. Neetika says:

    The ease with which you can write something so abstract is amazing to me. Its like a secret story which is known only to you and each person who reads this will come away with a different sense of what the poem is about. And that is what makes it so powerful!

  2. rashmenon says:

    @ Matthew Andrako, IamNotDefined and creativeboys: glad you guys like it; i do too 🙂

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