The Partner

hen-pecked? i hope not; twin souls, please

When do you feel you’ve got it right?

When you do not mind getting up

at three in the morning

to see him off?

When you gear up to shred

his boss to pieces

for that bad day?

When he takes the first hesitant steps

in cooking and you swell up

with pride

over the half-burnt toast?

When you love it that some other woman

eyes him and you feel

the pride of possession?

When you catch yourself browsing

through the hangers in a men’s store

for things he’ll like?

When you spend hours together

spinning dreams

and not mind that he dozes off midway?

When you killed that cockroach

because it gives him the crawls

more than it does you?

When you’re just as happy

to be back from a vacation

as when going on one?

When you love baby-ing him

and better still,

he loves it too?

Well, if you’ve got it right,

lucky you.

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11 Responses to The Partner

  1. Nikhil says:

    Lucky me!

  2. mytri says:

    hav u started getn’ it rite?!
    lucky u.. 😉

  3. Neetika says:

    Love it! I do feel very lucky too 🙂

  4. Balchan says:

    Unse milne se pahle bhee jeethe dhe hum,
    Jeenewaale , magar, baath koyee na thee !!!

  5. rashmenon says:

    @ Malou, Cynthia J, chronicdatingchronicles, lesleycarter and rantingchef: thank you for stopping by. Glad you like this one; it’s quite close to my heart.

  6. rashmenon says:

    wow, thank you 🙂

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