The Roads of Rage

A zap that shoots through


and you see no more:

rage, with or

without a cause-

DOES that make a difference?

A cause is after all

just a trail down

to another cause and then, on

and on, onto NO-MAN’s land.

And when it has

nothing to do with you,

Do you emerge the nobler

Or as the intruder?

Empathy, clad in

those saintly shoes-

whitely sickening,

isn’t that passage into the passive

so cowardly and stifling?

And rage, the steep step;

The dizzy circles that wind

over and over, snappy,

White and pleasing,

seeping like a coolant,

purging, expunging,

SUCH relief.

And then comes the

confusing question-

Relief? For whom?

For you?

The Roads of Rage

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2 Responses to The Roads of Rage

  1. Very good poems!
    Did you write all of these poems?

    P.S. Thank you very much for your comment!
    Greatly appreciated.

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