Qualifying Features (Featuring Qualities)

Indecision is endearing

when it is a stubble vacillating

between civility and wilderness.

Rigidity is timelessly modern

when it is a nose aquiline,

cutting a line

so fine, it hurts.

Fluttering flightiness has quiet beauty

when bequeathed on eyes- liquid,

still pools, bejeweled with

lashes, long and startlingly black.

Languidness is sharp and snappy

when it’s about legs ,

lazily crossed,

bewitching, in a manner unconscious.

Glitter has depth

when it’s about an iris-

bright, soft and lively.

Unruliness is studiously orderly

when it’s about curls-

individualistic, erratic

and thoroughly haphazard.

Sudden volte-faces still evoke admiration

when they’re about eyebrows,

cutting lines oblique,

steep and sloping.

Qualities and features

do seem at odds, don’t they?

P.S: I owe the first few lines to a pic on fb

Inner Beauty by Elizabeth Chapman

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5 Responses to Qualifying Features (Featuring Qualities)

  1. Neetika says:

    Nice 🙂 Can’t decide which part i like best….!
    “Rigidity is charming
    when it is a nose aquiline,
    cutting a line
    so fine, it hurts.”….. Charming!!

  2. rashmenon says:

    @cgregory, Studio Brow, IamNotDefined and insidethebirdcage: Thank you for stopping by. Appreciate and value your appreciation 🙂

  3. Some really choice posts on this site, saved to favorites .

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