Days and days

today when i feel like

having pickled stars

and sunny toast,

a day when the clock isn’t the only one

acting cuckoo,

when i’ve this exotic tune

ringing in my ears

and i tap through the day,

keeping pace with ease amazing,

as i who could never carry tunes

clocking in

hum my way through a beautiful day,

i already have my impatient sight set ahead-

will tomorrow be as crunchy as today

or gravelly with wear, slithery and torn?


p.s: N, we shall have pickled stars some day 🙂

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3 Responses to Days and days

  1. rashmenon says:

    @ andy: 🙂 (waves)

  2. Neetika says:

    Pickled stars and sunny toast…. sounds exotic! 🙂

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