nature, making her choices

branching into wild,

wild(er), permanent

‘ness’ in whom she pleases;

tags that lead some

to wreak their will

and some to hide

the best they can,

mumbling ‘er’s by way

of apology for existing,

taking up space,

using up nature…

let’s not act,

let this be a zoo;

after all,

it’s but cacophony

that makes one long

for symphony.

let’s will the wild

and see what melody

that can parody-

glide into a glade,

shafts of sunlight

in a vale,



Park, it might well be.

About rashmenon

Hello there! Please look up- https://rashscribbles.wordpress.com/2011/02/27/hello-world/
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8 Responses to ZOO, OOH

  1. rashmenon says:

    @andy, cynthia, redplace: 🙂 thank you, very much 🙂

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    @yasniger: 🙂 thank you for the like 🙂

  3. rashmenon says:

    @fivereflections: happy to see the like 🙂

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    @ suba: thank you 🙂

    @The Silver Poet: welcome to rash-me-ramble; hope you enjoy your time here 🙂 and thank you for the thumbs-up 🙂

  5. rashmenon says:

    @Neetika: glad to see you like this one 🙂

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    @Don Cuney: thank you for stopping by and thank you for the like 🙂

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    @ Suba, solingenpoet: 🙂 happy to see the likes 🙂

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    @Moment Matters: thank you for the like 🙂

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