No, I don’t miss seeing you

Tilt your head a little to the side

As you half-listen to whatever

Gibberish I choose to spout,

The spout of the tea pot

Steaming up the space

between you and me.


No, I miss not the least

Hearing you pause

At the other end of the phone,

Pauses that I fill up

As I please,

A Santa gifting moments

To herself.


No, I don’t miss

Seeing your name in the inbox,

Seeing a few terse lines

In reply, ever so polite,

To my five hundred flowery

Fatalistic figments.


Nor do I long

For the walks together,

Me struggling

to keep pace

as you walked,

blissfully brisk, your gaze

fixed somewhere

I knew not where.


No, I don’t remember

The roses you never sent,

Despite my dropping

Blood-red hints,

Drippy and demanding,

Stalked as I did you

For roses that never bloomed.

It’s just that absence

Has not made the heart grow


Try, as I do,

I only remember you

And can’t feel your absence.

About rashmenon

Hello there! Please look up- https://rashscribbles.wordpress.com/2011/02/27/hello-world/
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8 Responses to Absence

  1. rashmenon says:

    @andy, fiaz: delighted to see the likes 🙂

  2. solingenpoet says:

    Its a great poem about the complexity of lost relationships. I loved it.

  3. rashmenon says:

    @Lime Is Better, cynthia: 🙂 happy to see the likes 🙂

  4. Neetika says:

    Nice one!! 🙂 I really like it!

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