In (too much) Flesh and (too little) Blood

it’s not that she’s fat,

it’s just that the abundance

is displayed, plentifully, piously, like a,

a pilgrimage site- to be deified?

Natural bracelets on her wrists

that jiggled as she made her points,

vehement and viscuous, just like her.

skin, pale, white, almost,

treasured, by her, it seems,

flaunted as it is,

only in tiny squares at the back,

affording fleeting glimpses

into volume, vacuum has no space there,

full as she is,

with her self, skin, flesh and fiendish fractures.

dimples on her palms winking,

the only humour on unblinking alabaster.

bulges bared in unbecoming bits

save when screened by sheets of super-straightened hair,

swept back, not braided,

upbraid her, will you?

WHO  AM I, anyway?


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5 Responses to In (too much) Flesh and (too little) Blood

  1. rashmenon says:

    @Neetika: 😉

  2. Neetika says:

    haha… You’ve got it all spot on!!

  3. rashmenon says:

    @andy, Lime Is Better: 🙂 happy to see the likes 🙂

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