geometry of love

30 degrees in the morning’s

cuckoo clock

and we were ten years

younger, reliving

a day when a diary entry

had us in a furore, each

of us, bisecting,

intersecting, making

the author flush

in anger, enraged

that the nose that

turned her on

and do a 180 degree spin

right into one horizontal line

was being nosed upon

by her shrill pals,

pecked and tweaked,

her ardor trampled on

in so wanton a manner,

until she could

bear it no more

and tore the diary out,

nose and all, safe

in her hands, torn but

what of it, when it was

very clearly etched

where it mattered.

didn’t she know

that at that age

ardor is distributed into

infinitesimal differentials,

Gaussy and fuzzy,

passion headier

when extrapolated,

lovelier if tangential,

no intersections to

spoil the line traversed…

on regression,

don’t the dots

look better connected,

strewn as they were

by us, well-angled,

expertly decreed

to the right degree?

p.s: special dedication to Neba. Sou, Hima, Ambru, Varsh, she owes us and big time too 😀

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  1. rashmenon says:

    @andy, thatdudeeddie and solingenpoet: 🙂 happy to see the likes 🙂

  2. rashmenon says:

    @photo botos: 🙂 glad to see you like this 🙂

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