When i go fishing

I swim with the tide,

filling my gills

with air fresh, every now

and then, trying a new stroke

to suit my ever-twitching tail

and fickle taste, agile and youthful.

this is my tale, so read on

only if you’re slippery like me,

like moonlighting in the high tide

and swimming in unchartered waters.

i do have facets, you see

that see not eye to eye

and catch the eye of one soul-fish

but not of another shell-fish.

but hear me clear

when i say i bait not

and bite only what comes my way.

i have not charted my own course,

pausing only to rest my fins,

spread them a bit, take in

the corals, only to stream on,

one smooth liner, that’s me alright.

is it my fault if you catch the current

and come swimming alongside?

i do like variety, believe

as i do in Darwin and drawing

from multiple orifices

for nurture, pleasure

and the occasional rupture.

i weather storms well,

it’s when the tide turns

and you’re swept away

leaving me high and dry

that hurts,

not much coz

i’m a hooker, a looker

and i keep searching

for that ever-elusive you.

tell me, is it fishy

to be multiple-timing?

i am multi-faceted, you see

and love all my selves very well.

so, let me gill it

and fly my way.

see me through part of the way

but part before i have to, do.


About rashmenon

Hello there! Please look up- https://rashscribbles.wordpress.com/2011/02/27/hello-world/
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