to you and me: wild flowers

What IS it that we share?

Much beyond thai curry

and a tendency to hurry,

won’t you agree?

Is it just kindergarten capers,

my tears and your cheers?

Or the adolescent years-

fifteen year old wonders and acned fears?

How about shame over our uniform-

stuffy tunic and dowdy skirt,

passive plaits and bows to bind the basket?

Or is it ice candy and chats after school,

sitting on benches askew, sharing

slanted thoughts, stolen glances

and timid desires?

Do you still hear us

whispering over the phone,

laments about tests and fixed fences

designed to discourage feet dangling over the ledge

and skirts caught and torn

on the very same spot

over the same strict fence?

Are we still riding fancies unreal,

flights from our small small town in search of fun?

Here’s to us,

to thoughts- bizarre and beautiful,

to moments- multiple and massive,

missives too, to complete the package.

And here’s to more of the same, sprightly,

stained and yet superb spins,

with you at the wheel

and me, dizzying delightedly.

p.s: V, Neba, S, H, A- you might recognize some moments 🙂

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7 Responses to to you and me: wild flowers

  1. Neetika says:

    Very nice!! and so very nostalgic… 🙂 Just the stuff little girls do…. Brings back so many nice memories of my childhood and my BFFs!

  2. rashmenon says:

    i feel idiotic, like big moose from the archies 😦

  3. dewdrop says:

    Oh so lovely !

    stuffy tunic and dowdy skirt -> I do remember that. Also, laments over the phone about the innumerable tests we wrote

  4. rashmenon says:

    @ayasonice: 🙂 happy to be liked 🙂

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