one last time

would you believe me

if i told you 

i can ‘be’, ‘live’

without you or ‘e’

to bridge my gaps

and help me talk to life?


would you buy me

if i say i’m over you,

shopping now in another

arcade for a different facade?


would it please you

to know that

you neither please nor displease me;

i’ve shelved you

into a passive,

massive ice-box freeze,

archived with anchovies and cherries

from all my days- cheerios and chokers?


don’t touch base,

i shall abase no more,

either you or me.

and i don’t want to say

you bore me, bore a hole

in any wall, anywhere between

you and me.

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4 Responses to one last time

  1. I really like this! Especially the line: “archived with anchovies and cherries”
    It sounds so beautifully mundane!

    • Sorry, just to clarify, the line is beautifully mundane because that’s what I thought the speaker is trying to say, that she has no good or bad feelings towards this person anymore.
      Your poem isn’t mundane at all.

      • rashmenon says:

        🙂 i’m glad to be understood perfectly and better still, appreciated. that’s the worst way to end a relationship, isn’t it- when you feel no more and care not at all? 😦

  2. rashmenon says:

    @david, Neetika: 🙂 thank you 🙂

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