Keeping score

water-colored threads

beat against the rolled-up windows,

oozed down, raindrop zig-zags

making foggy promises,



as they slithered

down the blue-grey bonnet.

you and i and wetness

formed a trio on the backseat;

unseated desire arching

for satiation,

long and liquid.

if i am to keep score

for that warm, foggy memory,

it’ll be the rain-threads,

their clanging clusters on the hood,

metallic of that car,

naturally conjoining,

that i’ll remember

and then,


P.S: Written for Trifecta Challenge Week 33: Prompt 2. Please check out the other entries too at

P.P.S: this one won me a place in the Trifecta finals; yay 🙂

Please check out the winning entries and the other great pieces too at

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4 Responses to Keeping score

  1. I love how the memory of the rain precedes the memory of the person.

  2. Christine says:

    Um, is it warm in here, or is it just me? That was gorgeous, and, um, very intimate. 🙂

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