the Boojum’s embrace

it all started with time,

when it paused

and let us seep

into the other,

leave an imprint,

an autographed night-grunt;

heave and gasp,

moan and musk-

y odour of lust and limbs,

greasy and guiltless .


why do i now read

in your daughter’s eyes,

a cold, blue reproach,

lashed, bristly and black,

of that stray lie-



is there a way to tell her

of fog and mist and hazy outlines

of life and longing and livid, red pauses,

of old, yellowed bruises?

is there a way to tell her

i am but a careless speck,

a decaded dot

before her bright blue largess,

to be engulfed and erased

by her razor-sharp g-



is it enough if i wipe

over her second-hand memory,

three squeaky, shaky swipes

willing it to vanish,

as easy as the Boojum’s embrace?

P.S: Written for Trifecta  Challenge Week 33: Prompt 1. Do check out the other entries too at

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6 Responses to the Boojum’s embrace

  1. “Autographed night grunt” – I loved the sexual tension in that line.

  2. Christine says:

    My thought exactly – that line in particular is brilliant.

  3. i like how you broke up phrases and words in the lines, like g-lance. clever writing. all around, a very good write. i like your style.

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