Norma L

Norma Lewis:

Mean and average.

Mathematically exact.

Rigid as a line

Bisecting the numbers

in just two kinds-

sub-NormaL and super-NormaL.

Sure, the plane is lopsided

and the angles crooked,

but who cares

so long as there is NormaL?!

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14 Responses to Norma L

  1. unevenstevencu says:

    very witty description of Norma L. Fun in a nerdy good kinda way 🙂

  2. Witty ! Wonderful take on Norma L 🙂

  3. Creative reply to the challenge

  4. Sandra says:

    Great response! Love the play on words here; the ‘sub-‘ and ‘super-‘ are awesome!

  5. Christine says:

    Did you seriously just work in ALL THREE definitions of “normal” as a noun?? I think you may have. And a pun with the name, to boot. Wow.

  6. Balchan says:

    Nice play on words. Normal is boring/ routine is boring/ safe is boring ??? A take on Generation next ?

  7. Neetika says:

    I logged in after ages…. And nw m glad i did! What a nice creative piece!

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