the terms of endearment

Why, you ask?

Because I love

the tip of your nose

and want to do a liquid trace,

slick, yet slow.


Now, you say?

Well, it hurts to hold,

Wait and wish.

Please, let me

Drop anchor

And spread

A smearing wetness;

Glue you to me.


Where, you pause:

Here, I whisper,

Crush my breast

Against your back-

Flesh in a rush,

Savage and swift.

When I pause,

I pause

Only to breathe you,

Taste you,

Devour you.


All I ask

Is for desire

To send you


In keeping

With my rhythm.


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7 Responses to the terms of endearment

  1. De Jackson says:

    Rashmenon, this is beautifully hot. Just my speed. 😉

  2. Draug419 says:

    This is crazy good!

  3. snhnair says:

    How do you do this ? Excellent work!!

  4. Bianca says:

    Oh that last stanza! Such a plea!

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