The Bridal Bouquet

It was nice,

a green, glowing morning,

misty-eyed, shying out of further moonlighting.

Peace enveloped me

and the sleeping bundle

of new skin, softly fleshy,

dimpled and doubly delicate,

his breath shallow,

yet throbbing with life.

I leant out,

the bridal bouquet-

green calyx and white petals

wrapped cloudily

over a compliant banyan,


skin scarred,

from lashes,

a bridal bouquet

I stamped on.

I still nurse


I’m yet to heal.

I need

to forget.

I need

to unbride and unbridle

my hesitant feet,

unplait my oiled locks,

let loose

my dreams.

p.s: Linked to Trifecta Writing Challenge. This week’s challenge is to use the word heal (meaning: to restore to original purity or integrity) in a piece of 33-333 words. Please check out the entries at:

p.p.s:  Dedicated to a courageous woman, who, with scant resources and a sketchy education, managed to find her way out of an abusive marriage. I respect her. M, you know who this is 🙂

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12 Responses to The Bridal Bouquet

  1. habibadanyal says:

    This is such a beautifully haunting piece! Marriage is such a gamble!

  2. to unbride and unbridle
    my hesitant feet
    That is such an simply disturbing image, joined to a fantastic doublet with great rhythm.

  3. Annabelle says:

    Such great images here; for some reason the image of unplaiting her oiled locks really sticks with me.

  4. A bridal bouquet I stamped on… such an emotional piece. Sad, haunting – lovely.

  5. Draug419 says:

    I love this piece’s progression (: Great job!

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