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Plastic Plaster

I had thought long and hard. Twisted this way and that. I wanted to bring the show to a stop. When I was dropped off plumb in the middle of the road, I drew in my breath and prepared to … Continue reading

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red and raw on the inside like rare steak cooked not at all fibres in red and bluish green course through mapping in vein over fat whitish and glutinous. cut a lil deeper and there’s white again- brittle china-bone white … Continue reading

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Narcissus Tazetta | Jasmine’s Jetsam 6

Deep orange hair on fire impaled skin bloodless and tight over erodent nose tazetta eyes large-cupped? no, small-cupped; depends on your plam, butter-cup, she is not. and it’s a hard coat this narcissus tazetta sports that hides not the bulge … Continue reading

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Jungle Book

What do you get when you have a half-dressed panther walking alongside the Indian flag sans the color of peace and  get a skin head with thick carbon frames to glide past them- you’ve an office promenade at lunch-time with … Continue reading

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the a and b of bitchiness

it was cold the usual January night except that she heard the clock tick tock its way lurching minutely she wanted it to scream shrill go cuckooo!!! cream walled and comforter-cradled she still felt blue lipped life can be a bitch with … Continue reading

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a New-Or-lean tale in red and gold

this is a tale provincial not a faery one a fiery one of my red-gold hair impetuous-girl-curls all too new or lean for New Orleans yes, i cast a spell shamanic on him, he claims clams he does not clumsy … Continue reading

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tree on business | Scribbling Stone 13

my heart in the marsh man-grove dense we liked the birds alighting with bony feet, dirt feather flight sunlight sneaking aground through my interleaves then came the day they made the road inroads into my heart i shook all aquiver … Continue reading

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Vandrei and me | Jasmine’s Jestam 3

Vandrei? what kind of a name is that? wan or dry? that’ll be me and my vintage precautions, withering my days, trimming my nights shortening my sights… cut me some slack, uncredited as yet, seal with rosewood, no less. and then … Continue reading

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freaking palette | Scribbling Stone 12

when i am black- a slate, slatted black, swamped, plasticky, drained to my silted banks with your excesses, masses and messes, is it enough to just poor river me! is it enough if you wear frightful pink?! atone better bitter: wear lime … Continue reading

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frangi pani | Scribbling Stone 11

a flood of white smoothly curved soft and supple, a sun peeking out.. listen, sunshine-yellow of-all-petals-no-pollen, why do you bring goa to mind sand and beaches water in stretches when it’s none too white or clean like you? P.S: Linked … Continue reading

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