Coloring my i

Kim Nelson's creations can be viewed at

Kim Nelson’s creations can be viewed at


the color of my i-

rise, hopeful to the top

tilt of my attached lashes,

crissed and cross…

why is hope

tinged with panic red?

splashed and splotched,

clouding my i

to a sudden olive:

O, live and let me


i’m, after all,

you in different skin,

feathers and tar

torched light.

P.S: Linked to this Sunday’s Toad Challenge featuring Kim Nelson’s Art. Please check out the entries at

P.P.S: Thank you, jasmine ( for sharing the challenge. 

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6 Responses to Coloring my i

  1. Grace says:

    This is a lovely interpretation of the painting ~ I like the colors of jade and panic red, playing with i ~

  2. I am you in a different skin. I love your interpretation here.

  3. Kim Nelson says:

    Oh my, I like what you’ve garnered from the painting. Lots of emotion. And the reference to “I am you and you are me and we are one together…” is ideal!

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