White chocolate

He sat licking each finger in turn and then the chocolate wrapper, rapture oozing down his face like a thousand calories burnt in a single zing. And then picked up the thread again,saying- I still remember the VCR days and those chunky tapes that really looked like they could hold a whole movie unlike the flimsy plastic discs you get these days. White chocolate speaks strange truths thought I.

P.S: GN, officially yours, this one 🙂

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4 Responses to White chocolate

  1. Gajanan says:

    If I was a good boy, i would have commented something on these lines: “I like the way you link the chocolate to the rapture of losing calories to the memories of VCRs and plastic tapes” but since I am a wild undomesticated canine, I shall reply: WHY U NO GIVE ME WHITE CHOCOLATE???

  2. Gajanan says:

    But I must say, you are damn quick in playing with words and twisting them to your requirements.

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