The Boys’ Club

Didn’t you hear about the boys’ club?
Holds its meetings round the clock
Behind our backs
Fantasize of our behinds
And talk of leaving us behind.

It’s an exclusive club
Mere playing ball
Or mare playing ball
Is denied entry.

Only baritones are heard,
Ours filtered dismissively
As too shrill above the milk
Cooker whistle.

We look good on the arm
Never as comrades in arms!
We fill up as loyal
Escorts, never as drivers.

They demand trust and respect,
Offer to protect
If you are willing to lean,
Clean, bend and kneel.

Act the part
And they’ll club in too
Act out
And they’ll club you in
One way or the other.

Spare me this chivalry misspelled
Hear me out
And look me in the eye
Nowhere else
When I’m speaking to you.


P.S: Dedicated to all who are NOT in The Boys’ Club

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11 Responses to The Boys’ Club

  1. Atul Mittal says:

    Wah wah.. wah wah.. Finally i am able to get theme of atleast one poem of u πŸ™‚

  2. brian miller says:

    spare me the chivalry misspelled…ha…i like the way you put that….and there are plenty guys not in the boy’s club…you def have to be of a certain stock…smiles. nice write

  3. Grace says:

    I wouldn’t want to be part or associated with this kind of club with the all the clubbing in ~

    Good one ~

  4. I particularly liked the line “Only baritones are heard” Something about it grabbed me, maybe because I love to sing but it made a strong statement to me. I love the ending – the final line made me think of a face off for some reason – I really liked this.

  5. Neetika says:

    This was a fun read. And i’d say you got them boys spot on!! Esp loved the last 2 lines. Hope the boys pay heed..!

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