here comes the bride

a bridegroom’s welcome-

a national sentiment

in elaborately floral words-

jasmine scented, rose-petal showered

while she stands by,

gratitude-coated and bashfully decorated:

the indian bride

the Indian bride


stale and ana,


check your watch,

let’s do it

on this watch,

pay her her due

as nature’s lifeline,

your hope of a future brigade,

your chance at seeing a bit

of yourself again.

welcome the bride!

mark her

not with vermilion stains

or toe-ring tell-tales

but as hope,

fragile, pliable, eternal.

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5 Responses to here comes the bride

  1. brian miller says:

    smiles…the bride is hope…a wedding is hope…the next generations await…the bride and groom when they return from the altar….

  2. Grace says:

    Like the local/native colors & scents ~ And love that hope at the end, fragile & precious ~

  3. I echo Grace’s comment. I enjoyed glimpses of traditions outside of my own experience along with the similarities of the universal experience of a wedding.

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