Moonshine Madness

i am the sun

seeking the moon ever-elusive,

the harder i seek you,

my rays piercing every inch of sky-blue expanse,

the sky whitened and me-

an angry orange ball of fury,


while you hide behind this cloud

or that billow of fluff

and wear me out,

coolly setting my fiery eye to rest

at nightfall

and then you shimmer teasingly

once more

and i rise up

to chase after you

yet again.


P.S: Linked as a Real Toad to the Imaginary Garden for a Fireblossom Friday (

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8 Responses to Moonshine Madness

  1. Susan says:

    Hi Rash, I love this poem! You linked and left a message at Wednesday’s “Susan Says”–so re-link on Fireblossom Friday. I know she will want to read this neat chase poem!

  2. Neetika says:

    Sighhhh…. I would like to catch the moon too, she does shimmer so teasingly! I like how you’ve portrayed the relationship of the sun and the moon, the king and queen of the sky.. like he’s in love with her, and she is playing hard to get. Fabulous!

    • rashmenon says:

      🙂 thought you’d like it, the moon being your special darling 😀 actually, meant the sun to be she and the moon to be the coquettish he 😛 like gender inversions 😉

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