truly falsely me

can i say

it wasn’t me

but the runaway sentence

that broke free

when my back was turned?

if it hurt all that much,

i shall call each syllable up,

blunt their edges

and put them to rest


and tomorrow,

i shall juggle

the rebel letters up

to form-nice and sweet,

i swear! i swear!

but tell me this

would you rather

i be true and rude

or nice and false?

P.S: Owe the term runaway sentence to

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14 Responses to truly falsely me

  1. Neetika says:

    delightful! Love how it begins and of course, ‘runaway sentence’.
    The imagery is fantastic and the thought of blaming it all on the words and beating them into submission till they are dull edged is just so much fun!

  2. balchan says:

    Be as rude as you like and then be ruder, but please, be true , be true. Do not change at any cost to a sweetly polite sweet self !

  3. Margaret says:

    I adore this witty poem! Very clever and fun – I could see this concept made into a child’s book. Seriously. The “runaway” things children say!

  4. Kay Davies says:

    This is fun! I love the idea of blunting the syllables so they hurt less, but I find it difficult to answer your question
    “would you rather
    i be true and rude
    or nice and false?”
    because, of course, it would depend upon how “sensitive” I’m feeling from one day to the next. If I’m wearing all my feelings on the outside of my skin, I might prefer “nice and false” until I’m feeling better able to face the truth!

  5. Kay Davies says:

    I love your title “truly falsely me” also!

  6. Very clever & creative!

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