Document of Discussion : Cubical Talk

was that you?

in the pic?

the stance, the tee,

the shoes-

i just thought

he said in a rush.

no, no, not me!

not that tee! not me!

thank god he said

no hair or heave

other distaste,

sludge in public!

i shushed-

a stance? how can that be

when all i do

is trapeze-tease

on the middlest of lines;

i fled

into the open elevator

and whooshed out,


of ink and office mags

and how they smudge.


P.S: Linked as a Real Toad to Izy’s Document of Discussion in the Imaginary Garden (

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4 Responses to Document of Discussion : Cubical Talk

  1. Love the inner rhyme thinking/ink and the fleeing…this is obscure enough to make one wonder and want to know more!! Great poem.

  2. Kim Nelson says:

    What a conversation. You did the prompt great justice. I could see this scene and feel her discomfort at the meeting, relief in fleeing.

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