De Liberate Lee

slow and thought out?

i’ll be put out:

the pout,

berating the deliberate,

seeking to embrace

rash impulse,

reaches across

and tugs.

i give in, de-

liberately pro-


the moment.

O! Dear!

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18 Responses to De Liberate Lee

  1. jannatwrites says:

    Playful poem – I love the line about berating the deliberate!

  2. Draug419 says:

    heh, this is cute.

  3. Neetika says:

    Slow and deliberate would be very ‘putting out’ indeed! Nice one 🙂

  4. Linda Vernon says:

    i put out: the pout — a memorable line. and a skillfully crafted poem!

  5. Must agree- “berating the deliberate” is marvellous

  6. Oh, dear! This is great, Rashmi.
    Love the play with thought out, put out, pout.

  7. steph says:

    I love it.. deliberately prolonging the moment – O Dear. Sweet and playful.

  8. I love the cadence to your words.

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