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violet ground and cyan dust, the fading silhouettes of flowers past, we flutter to the dust in a heap of pale yellow weathered petals and memories of a violet spring.   Linking as a real but late Toad to the … Continue reading

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Rebel says his lapel

but he says no to labels and bubbles: blood is but water- colored and we are all air and space, some with pace too says he and runs, shouting- but we’re of the same bloody blood; now, file for libel! … Continue reading

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yellow, the color of summer hotly side-stepping age and rules yellow and then the red i see in streaks hers and orange reflectors on toes- an ageing medley, the ditty- tired. i want her to stop, pause the dance, cool … Continue reading

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A nightly sea

She had shades of darkness to wrap around. Her iris glinted blue now and then green again. The pupil was rock-black at night and slate-grey in the day. Me- I was just dust on her cheek, dust she might decide … Continue reading

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I see her- fire-blossoms for eyes, an assortment of extreme opinions for  sinuous limbs, walking alone and liking it too, brushing her messy curls away from her ears with impatience hers, returning stares with relish, gazing anew at her peepul’s fancy green spring, registering … Continue reading

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An Unbalanced Diet

a jaunty angle after 12, i was drunk on plastic papaya pickle, honey-glazed, ginger-finger-smattered, i needed sleep but wanted you as simply as my blanket blue.   did i dial 13 incorrect times the correct number? should i feel unprimed … Continue reading

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A Hurt Earth

She had borne So much, Her veins cut, Her scalp bled… Her darkest chambers Of distilled suffering Shivered tectonically, Threw liquid stone In angry orange bolts: Her scarred self avenged- A pebbly little. P.S- Linked to Trifecta

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very irish

full-bodied and sensual, frilly and brimming on top, tapering, slim and darkly smooth to a light end, i relish even the way you roll off my tongue, teasing, lingering, flowing liquidly down, making me close my eyes to soak in … Continue reading

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heat and unhot

The asphalt was acting especially vengeful as if 2 was an hour it wished to  send up in vapor, if not smoke. Milk would churn out butter without breaking into a sweat in this weather. I saw evidence a few … Continue reading

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here comes the bride

a bridegroom’s welcome- a national sentiment in elaborately floral words- jasmine scented, rose-petal showered while she stands by, gratitude-coated and bashfully decorated: reeks, stale and ana, chronistic! check your watch, let’s do it on this watch, pay her her due … Continue reading

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