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truly falsely me

can i say it wasn’t me but the runaway sentence that broke free when my back was turned? if it hurt all that much, i shall call each syllable up, blunt their edges and put them to rest goodnight. and tomorrow, i … Continue reading

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An Unbalanced Diet

a jaunty angle after 12, i was drunk on plastic papaya pickle, honey-glazed, ginger-finger-smattered, i needed sleep but wanted you as simply as my blanket blue.   did i dial 13 incorrect times the correct number? should i feel unprimed … Continue reading

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very irish

full-bodied and sensual, frilly and brimming on top, tapering, slim and darkly smooth to a light end, i relish even the way you roll off my tongue, teasing, lingering, flowing liquidly down, making me close my eyes to soak in … Continue reading

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Be good

be good while you splash, lick the salt and water sticks, your skirt floats…   be good while you imbibe spirited lemon-wedge, cross your legs and lean back, close your eyes and just be, lean against to gain balance, so … Continue reading

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step 1, step 2, step 3 and then again

she sat down-step1: dance, dance; crossed legs, slipper dangling- step 2: pant,pant and wavered at step 3 in its varied hues – viciously intense, the couch cowering under the dual assault or mildewed and desiccated like dried flowers pressed afresh and sprinkled … Continue reading

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Mud and Music

i thought i was played out splayed feet tried and tired flesh limp in its bag of mottled skin until winter whipped fresh fire and i found music in the way the jacaranda shed its lilac in sweet lilts to a warmly … Continue reading

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White chocolate

He sat licking each finger in turn and then the chocolate wrapper, rapture oozing down his face like a thousand calories burnt in a single zing. And then picked up the thread again,saying- I still remember the VCR days and those … Continue reading

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