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Document of Discussion : Cubical Talk

was that you? in the pic? the stance, the tee, the shoes- i just thought he said in a rush. no, no, not me! not that tee! not me! thank god he said no hair or heave other distaste, sludge … Continue reading

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heat and unhot

The asphalt was acting especially vengeful as if 2 was an hour it wished to  send up in vapor, if not smoke. Milk would churn out butter without breaking into a sweat in this weather. I saw evidence a few … Continue reading

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The Boys’ Club

Didn’t you hear about the boys’ club? Holds its meetings round the clock Behind our backs Fantasize of our behinds And talk of leaving us behind. It’s an exclusive club Mere playing ball Or mare playing ball Is denied entry. … Continue reading

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Narcissus Tazetta | Jasmine’s Jetsam 6

Deep orange hair on fire impaled skin bloodless and tight over erodent nose tazetta eyes large-cupped? no, small-cupped; depends on your plam, butter-cup, she is not. and it’s a hard coat this narcissus tazetta sports that hides not the bulge … Continue reading

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Jungle Book

What do you get when you have a half-dressed panther walking alongside the Indian flag sans the color of peace and  get a skin head with thick carbon frames to glide past them- you’ve an office promenade at lunch-time with … Continue reading

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Sweat Garden

Typical corporate garden with plants just so, precisely spaced, pink and white flowered, evenly spread. The lawn was green, no patches of brown. So, why did I smell sweaty socks and not surgically fragrant air? The socks were, after all, poking … Continue reading

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The Colour Green

A green monster. No, not jealousy. Kinky hair.  No, not an ogre.  Traces of erstwhile masters circled round her neck. No, not a slave. Blackened nails. No, not tortured, merely lacquered.   Chained to the chair. Swiveled comfort, is she not free? A golden collar. No, not a … Continue reading

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