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yellow, the color of summer hotly side-stepping age and rules yellow and then the red i see in streaks hers and orange reflectors on toes- an ageing medley, the ditty- tired. i want her to stop, pause the dance, cool … Continue reading

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I see her- fire-blossoms for eyes, an assortment of extreme opinions for  sinuous limbs, walking alone and liking it too, brushing her messy curls away from her ears with impatience hers, returning stares with relish, gazing anew at her peepul’s fancy green spring, registering … Continue reading

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heat and unhot

The asphalt was acting especially vengeful as if 2 was an hour it wished to  send up in vapor, if not smoke. Milk would churn out butter without breaking into a sweat in this weather. I saw evidence a few … Continue reading

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here comes the bride

a bridegroom’s welcome- a national sentiment in elaborately floral words- jasmine scented, rose-petal showered while she stands by, gratitude-coated and bashfully decorated: reeks, stale and ana, chronistic! check your watch, let’s do it on this watch, pay her her due … Continue reading

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lying awake

a wait? await? a weight? de-sire, hyphenated and full of possibilities. the period of wait: pregnant – a time for pause that can turn life on its head and bring forth new lies and life. P.S: Linking as a real … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Beauty

i see you in the ocean-blue of a tranquil sea, the gorgeous green of new new leaves, the jet black of my mother’s hair, the faint down on a baby neck.   i see you in bristly mascara-fed lashes, lissome legs, laces … Continue reading

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slim of frame, shorn of hair, curlicues only in her doodles speared  on impatient earth, shocked red dust flying as she made her marks. metal plates rustling skirts hers as she helped her horse surge onto new fields, her domains … Continue reading

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Be good

be good while you splash, lick the salt and water sticks, your skirt floats…   be good while you imbibe spirited lemon-wedge, cross your legs and lean back, close your eyes and just be, lean against to gain balance, so … Continue reading

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step 1, step 2, step 3 and then again

she sat down-step1: dance, dance; crossed legs, slipper dangling- step 2: pant,pant and wavered at step 3 in its varied hues – viciously intense, the couch cowering under the dual assault or mildewed and desiccated like dried flowers pressed afresh and sprinkled … Continue reading

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Dress me

I want a yellow shirt- A shirt that glares, It’s buttons large and shiny, One that bears no shame Even in buff, blush or get fresh And quiet pants That’ll stay Demure and subdued, Stay in place Even when I … Continue reading

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