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Clean-cut Man

This Sunday,  I learnt of wing collars, paisley ties and gingham checks. There was more on the length and width of the ties, the fall of the trousers and fashion-tips on cuffs. Cuffs, collars, ties and checks- who ever said man … Continue reading

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Document of Discussion : Cubical Talk

was that you? in the pic? the stance, the tee, the shoes- i just thought he said in a rush. no, no, not me! not that tee! not me! thank god he said no hair or heave other distaste, sludge … Continue reading

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yesterday and yellow glasses

did you know i look back on my yesterday just to see you again. did you know i rekindle the spark of a spark, warm me up to face today drunk on yesterday’s hopes. why is it that today’s day … Continue reading

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An Unbalanced Diet

a jaunty angle after 12, i was drunk on plastic papaya pickle, honey-glazed, ginger-finger-smattered, i needed sleep but wanted you as simply as my blanket blue.   did i dial 13 incorrect times the correct number? should i feel unprimed … Continue reading

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when life and  art mingle like a squishy tomato smattered and spreading live art on the wall, when life gives you the slip and lies its way to art, hangs out the window, bold and uncurtained, when you separate tradition … Continue reading

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White chocolate

He sat licking each finger in turn and then the chocolate wrapper, rapture oozing down his face like a thousand calories burnt in a single zing. And then picked up the thread again,saying- I still remember the VCR days and those … Continue reading

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god’s nightgown!

she knocked on my door last night and i turned her away. she’s the past come back, gown on upside down, skinny shadow, reminders of days stale, flaky crumbled oven-burnt past. i thought i had sealed that box shut for the … Continue reading

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In her path

She tottered drunkenly, then lurched to a noisy stop. I could smell her; she was that close. I winced. I couldn’t help it. And summoned dark thoughts about people who staged such scenes right in the morning. And looked away. … Continue reading

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the 3-fold path

it was a moment that split open like a pre-mature flower, its petals a misshapen 3, each a pre-set path, half-gnawed by my anxious mind? or an impatient destiny? course i could, like a water-drop tracing lazy, haphazard lines along all … Continue reading

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Plastic Plaster

I had thought long and hard. Twisted this way and that. I wanted to bring the show to a stop. When I was dropped off plumb in the middle of the road, I drew in my breath and prepared to … Continue reading

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