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violet ground and cyan dust, the fading silhouettes of flowers past, we flutter to the dust in a heap of pale yellow weathered petals and memories of a violet spring.   Linking as a real but late Toad to the … Continue reading

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An April Milan Morning

a wet Milan clung to my over-sized coat in dewy splotches that shivered and fell, brooked into clean green water- still, then slow and quiet flow, the shrubs on the bank shrugged, nonchalant in the presence of beauty.   Linking … Continue reading

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Moonshine Madness

i am the sun seeking the moon ever-elusive, the harder i seek you, my rays piercing every inch of sky-blue expanse, the sky whitened and me- an angry orange ball of fury, seething while you hide behind this cloud or … Continue reading

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Dress me

I want a yellow shirt- A shirt that glares, It’s buttons large and shiny, One that bears no shame Even in buff, blush or get fresh And quiet pants That’ll stay Demure and subdued, Stay in place Even when I … Continue reading

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The Magenta Collection

magenta was the color in the rim innermost in her concentric iris which she batted conning every eye she held tangential to her own twin pink-dyed torches draining color from the rest of her face which blanched white blazed like … Continue reading

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frangi pani | Scribbling Stone 11

a flood of white smoothly curved soft and supple, a sun peeking out.. listen, sunshine-yellow of-all-petals-no-pollen, why do you bring goa to mind sand and beaches water in stretches when it’s none too white or clean like you? P.S: Linked … Continue reading

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Coloring my i

Jade the color of my i- rise, hopeful to the top tilt of my attached lashes, crissed and cross… why is hope tinged with panic red? splashed and splotched, clouding my i to a sudden olive: O, live and let … Continue reading

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So, what’s new, man?

grey- moonstone material, no, blue- oceanic-inspired; and then- measured, precise, angled to a degree-deci, a nose, yes, but who can stop at just that? the sweet bird of youth just took up home and stayed there,  chance never wayned, art … Continue reading

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lavender madness

breath less ness beauty makes it madness to breathe i need underwater gills when that jacaranda blooms

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Cotton Flower

The whipping wind Shook my hoary head Until you broke loose, cotton-flower-kin Floated atop whirl-wind-wagon Free as only a wispy flower can be.   My heart does a somersault leap to you, free-floating spirit. p.s: Linked to Trifecta Weekend Challenge … Continue reading

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