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lying awake

a wait? await? a weight? de-sire, hyphenated and full of possibilities. the period of wait: pregnant – a time for pause that can turn life on its head and bring forth new lies and life. P.S: Linking as a real … Continue reading

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when life and  art mingle like a squishy tomato smattered and spreading live art on the wall, when life gives you the slip and lies its way to art, hangs out the window, bold and uncurtained, when you separate tradition … Continue reading

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oh, yes! oval is beautiful- gently smoothed, rounded, no rough edges, a charmer for sure, too eee- la!- zzz- tic for a mere zero. but what of the hooked, hawkish three? not that i want the oval to bloat up, … Continue reading

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Tears rolled down her sagging cheeks even as she kept rubbing at her already-reddened eyes. The story came out in bits and spluttering spurts, punctuated by little sobs here and there. “Thoday is your birthday this week. I wanthed to … Continue reading

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in that space of t.i.m.e when breath pauses before life begins anew there is naked hope and sometimes, smothered despair.

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A dozen Small white smiles Against the darkest Dark green: Life on my dry terrace- Frail and faint, Clingy and read- y-to-snap but intensely present.

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A Clip of Life

Twin saucers peeking out from under soft silk strands, a helpless clip dangling at the tip of those strands, purple with the effort of hanging on, just out of the safety of an upturned nose, quizzical lips half open, drinking … Continue reading

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