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Rebel says his lapel

but he says no to labels and bubbles: blood is but water- colored and we are all air and space, some with pace too says he and runs, shouting- but we’re of the same bloody blood; now, file for libel! … Continue reading

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A nightly sea

She had shades of darkness to wrap around. Her iris glinted blue now and then green again. The pupil was rock-black at night and slate-grey in the day. Me- I was just dust on her cheek, dust she might decide … Continue reading

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freaking palette | Scribbling Stone 12

when i am black- a slate, slatted black, swamped, plasticky, drained to my silted banks with your excesses, masses and messes, is it enough to just poor river me! is it enough if you wear frightful pink?! atone better bitter: wear lime … Continue reading

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frangi pani | Scribbling Stone 11

a flood of white smoothly curved soft and supple, a sun peeking out.. listen, sunshine-yellow of-all-petals-no-pollen, why do you bring goa to mind sand and beaches water in stretches when it’s none too white or clean like you? P.S: Linked … Continue reading

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water picture

wait, water-drop, trace sand-grain-letters and name the infinitesima. the moment will pause and let you define her contours in soft-soil-strokes. flow as only you can. P.S: this is what made me write this one- http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&v=X20PrpbkjSc&feature=endscreen

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the sound of rain

the sound of rain drops striking the fine grains of stubborn red soil, the sudden spread of rainwater-wetness, leaving trails again and again- memories etched on soft, yielding ground, a few moments of rainy sounds. is it me or is … Continue reading

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One in a Million

Elongated shadows Cast on bobbing green water, Closer on the cold green Than on the pier. The pair in darkness Asked in frosty union- What’s the probability Of two hearts beating as one? P.S: Linked to Trifecta Writing Challenge- http://www.trifectawritingchallenge.com/2012/11/trifextra-week-forty-one.html

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