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Clean-cut Man

This Sunday,  I learnt of wing collars, paisley ties and gingham checks. There was more on the length and width of the ties, the fall of the trousers and fashion-tips on cuffs. Cuffs, collars, ties and checks- who ever said man … Continue reading

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yellow, the color of summer hotly side-stepping age and rules yellow and then the red i see in streaks hers and orange reflectors on toes- an ageing medley, the ditty- tired. i want her to stop, pause the dance, cool … Continue reading

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heat and unhot

The asphalt was acting especially vengeful as if 2 was an hour it wished to  send up in vapor, if not smoke. Milk would churn out butter without breaking into a sweat in this weather. I saw evidence a few … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Beauty

i see you in the ocean-blue of a tranquil sea, the gorgeous green of new new leaves, the jet black of my mother’s hair, the faint down on a baby neck.   i see you in bristly mascara-fed lashes, lissome legs, laces … Continue reading

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Dress me

I want a yellow shirt- A shirt that glares, It’s buttons large and shiny, One that bears no shame Even in buff, blush or get fresh And quiet pants That’ll stay Demure and subdued, Stay in place Even when I … Continue reading

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The Magenta Collection

magenta was the color in the rim innermost in her concentric iris which she batted conning every eye she held tangential to her own twin pink-dyed torches draining color from the rest of her face which blanched white blazed like … Continue reading

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Jungle Book

What do you get when you have a half-dressed panther walking alongside the Indian flag sans the color of peace and  get a skin head with thick carbon frames to glide past them- you’ve an office promenade at lunch-time with … Continue reading

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a New-Or-lean tale in red and gold

this is a tale provincial not a faery one a fiery one of my red-gold hair impetuous-girl-curls all too new or lean for New Orleans yes, i cast a spell shamanic on him, he claims clams he does not clumsy … Continue reading

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freaking palette | Scribbling Stone 12

when i am black- a slate, slatted black, swamped, plasticky, drained to my silted banks with your excesses, masses and messes, is it enough to just poor river me! is it enough if you wear frightful pink?! atone better bitter: wear lime … Continue reading

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the girl in blue | Scribbling stone 4

i saw her by the ticket stand she had a thin blue band flowers in her hair or stars, were they or my eyes upto their usual tricks? but the criss-crossed pink stranded neck line traced disappearing into a scarf … Continue reading

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