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it came too soon

a struggling-to-be-up morning that croaked its way to seven i peeped to no peepul it lay on its side, up- rooted, there was no road, only rubble random and dust sky-high the crater next door had grown over-night my own … Continue reading

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Moonshine Madness

i am the sun seeking the moon ever-elusive, the harder i seek you, my rays piercing every inch of sky-blue expanse, the sky whitened and me- an angry orange ball of fury, seething while you hide behind this cloud or … Continue reading

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A quiet resonance

Of gates and locks, of steel and stubborn levers that refused to be moved, you knew nothing, cruise as you did in the warm, warm currents beyond the enmeshed gates and my brittle agates.   Each answering thought of yours … Continue reading

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the 3-fold path

it was a moment that split open like a pre-mature flower, its petals a misshapen 3, each a pre-set path, half-gnawed by my anxious mind? or an impatient destiny? courseĀ i could, like a water-drop tracing lazy, haphazard lines along all … Continue reading

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tree on business | Scribbling Stone 13

my heart in the marsh man-grove dense we liked the birds alighting with bony feet, dirt feather flight sunlight sneaking aground through my interleaves then came the day they made the road inroads into my heart i shook all aquiver … Continue reading

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frangi pani | Scribbling Stone 11

a flood of white smoothly curved soft and supple, a sun peeking out.. listen, sunshine-yellow of-all-petals-no-pollen, why do you bring goa to mind sand and beaches water in stretches when it’s none too white or clean like you? P.S: Linked … Continue reading

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Dust Green | Scribbling Stone 9

dust-coated green rugged but not wretched the arch still graceful majestic, leafy abundance rooted to survive on cold concrete the peepul on the wall.   P.S: Linked to Mindful Writing Challenge (http://www.writingourwayhome.com/2013/01/small-stone-day-thirteen.html)

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